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Toddler Care



A Step Ahead has recognized that early childhood education is an essential part of children’s academic and emotional developments, which needs to initiate early on. In our younger toddlers’ program, our teachers spend a good part of the day on basic communications and learning about sounds, colors and shapes, and their body parts. So they’d include several “circle-time” plans in their daily curriculum to trigger their students’ curiosity and thirst for learning. Children also become the active participants throughout this fun-learning lesson plans, by singing songs, repeating the sounds on the flash cards, letting one another to have a turn to say the word, and much more. We also introduce our toddlers to basic concepts of sharing, group work, and learning about social skills. It could start by learning about sitting down on their little seats to do their individual or group “arts and crafts” in order to enhance their attention span and essence of working together or a pair of toddlers playing with the same toy or working on an activity. The Montessori’s goal at this level is to foster a love of learning. Early toddlers’ physical growth and strengthening their balance, as they climb, slide, hop and kick the balls in their play area, are also given equal importance during their day at our school. Our children go out to play in their designated certified playground in different times during the day to develop their physique and have fun with their friends. And as it’s gets too hot in our typical summer, our cheerful teachers have our toddlers dance around their rather large classroom to make up for the outside play.

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