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A Step Ahead is a Montessori preschool with a twist. Basically, we have merged the Montessori philosophy with the traditional methods of learning to utilize the best of the two for our preschoolers. In a traditional-set environment, the teachers are more dominate and the children are passive learners. With this approach, our students are ensured to meet their academic requirements for a traditional classroom. On other hand, the Montessori philosophy with its hands-on approach, the child is encouraged to become an active participant with ability to move around the classroom and trigger and nourish her or his curiosity with the “Montessori works”. The role of the Montessori teacher is to guide the child. We use the Montessori philosophy throughout the day. However, at times, where the child must sit and learn in a group, such as the circle time, or be responsible for her or his own work. Once they complete their challenge, they are free to choose their own activity from a selection of puzzles, games, and work-sheets, including the Montessori works to continue their daily learning on their own. In short, A Step Ahead’s preschool program focuses on the essential components of a child’s academic readiness, such as phonic-based reading, basic writing, math and number sense,… and the Montessori part of our program strongly helps develop the child’s self confidence, and the freedom to be an independent thinker… a true success in life later on.

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