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In our Transition Class we accept two year olds that are potty trained and three year olds. Here the students really learn how to prepare for preschool. We have a circle time where we start the day off with greeting songs and introduce and study our letter of the week. The sign language for the letter, the sounds, and words that start with that letter are learned during our circle time. Small group centers are also a big part of our curriculum. The different centers are The Book Nook, where children can climb up into our loft and relax with stuffed animals and their favorite stories. Our Imagination Station provides the students a place to let their creativity flow and dress up as doctors, princesses, or firemen. We have a Wonder Works center where we have various Montessori works that help the children with their fine motor skills, such as using tongs, magnifying glasses, and doing puzzles. Writers Workshop allows the students to practice holding a pencil and tracing the letters of the week and letters in their name. Our last center is the Cutting Corner where the children practice holding scissors, cutting paper, and eventually learning to cut on lines and cut out simple shapes.

Along with our centers we have a second circle time where we focus on our monthly theme. These themes help our students learn about themselves and the world around them. Our themes are:

  • January: Health and Sanitation (Students learn how to brush their teeth, wash their hands, germs, etc)
  • February: Plants and flowers (We plant lima bean seeds, talk about the life cycle of plants)
  • March: Nature (Kids use cameras to capture their version of nature: worms, water cycle, food chain, etc)
  • April: Life Cycle of a Butterfly (I order caterpillars on line and we study their changes into butterflies)
  • May: Health and Nutrition (We discuss the food groups and why we need to eat healthy)
  • June: Planets and Space (Learn about the planets, starts, comets, sun, moon, and outer space)
  • July: The Water Cycle (All stages of the water cycle are discussed and studied with experiments)
  • August: All About Me (Students get to know more about each other in the beginning of the year)
  • September: Emotions (They about different emotions and how to express them thoughtfully)
  • October: Seasons/Weather (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and different weather types)
  • November: Being Thankful (Being thankful and showing kindness in return)
  • December: Holidays (Different winter holidays – Kwanza, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Passover etc)

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