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Infant Care



A Step Ahead believes in recruiting passionate and experienced teachers to care for its infant’s room. The teachers, who demonstrate love for their profession and would earn the trust of our parents, are paramount to the success of our program.Our care providers understand the importance of following our parents’ instructions in the areas of nutrition, sleep and feeding patterns, or any other habits that might fit the individuality of your infant. A Step Ahead recognizes that a great deal of cognitive and biological developments can occur in the infancy period, in particular from the age of six to twelve months. To stimulate such developments, our teachers provide a selection of activities, such as sign language, flash cards, reading books to our infants. It is also equally important to aid our infants with the growth of their gross motor skills, using hands-on toys or rolling balls. More, We like to see the infants start a sense of independence in taking care of their needs, like feeding themselves, and become more socially confident in their interactions with other little ones.

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