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Toddler Care


(24 TO 36 MONTHS)

A Step Ahead Preschool and Montessori believes that children can be the active participant in learning at this age group. In our relatively large classroom, the students are allowed to move about and respectfully to explore the classroom environment. Just as vital is the role of the toddlers’ teacher, who leads and supports such environment that is conducive to learning. Our school has developed a creative and age-appropriate curriculum for our toddlers’ classroom that focuses on cognitive and social developments. Our teachers tend to be very consistent with their daily programs, as they realize that this would greatly benefit the children’s progress in the class. The highlights of the curriculum can be described as follows: To have several “circle-time” about one or similar themes throughout the day. Use of flash cards, introduction of new words and letters, shapes and structures, and singing songs all integrated in daily programs to inspire the joy of learning. To work individually or in group on variety of arts and crafts’ projects to help students develop their fine motor skills and expand their attention span. Also, in the advanced toddlers’ classroom, our teachers particularly focus on the toilet training, as this stage of growth becomes so crucial in transitioning our toddlers to pre-kindergarten level. We believe that the potty training challenge demands collective effort on the parts of school and parents, and working together will always result in much quicker cooperation by children. More, our parents are provided with the daily progress reports that include helpful information about their children. We are very proud that A step Ahead has become a school, where every child is an individual, and her or his diversity is celebrated.

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