Three Year Old Classroom Transition

Dear Parents,

Receiving this letter means that your child will start their transition into the three year old classroom very soon!

Because of the changes that come with moving to a new class, we feel that a three week transition will be for the benefit of the teachers, parents, but most importantly the students.  With this move comes longer periods of time that the child is expected to participate in a more intensive curriculum based setting as well as shorter nap times, and a definite change in the daily schedule they have become so accustomed to.

First week: Your child will attend the Transition Class until 11am when they will return to the Two’s Classroom and eat their lunch, take nap, and spend the remainder of the day.

Second week:  This week will involve the same as the First week, but the student will stay in the Transition room to eat lunch and then they will return to the Two’s to take their nap.

Third week: By this time the child should be use to the routine, rules, and expectations in their new classroom and will be ready to stay in the Transition Room throughout the day.

If your child is already potty trained then the transition will be easier, however do not be discouraged if your child has periodic accidents throughout the transition, as the change in their routine can affect them in this aspect, as well as behavior, moods etc.

If your child is not fully potty trained I will be working very hard to get them to a place where they are verbalizing that they need to go potty, going potty on their own, and that they fully understand the privileges they receive when they don’t have accidents.  BUT in order for this to be successful in the most effective and efficient way possible this also needs to be consistent at home.  I have found that the best way to potty train children that are so close to being trained is to keep them in underwear all day, except at nap time and night time.  I understand this will mean that they are having a lot of accidents at school and at home, but it is worth it when in means that they will be independently using the potty without accidents.

Attached is a copy of our class schedule so you can see what your child’s new routine will be like when their eating times are, as well as their nap time.  I am very excited for the new friend in our classroom and cannot wait to help your child grow and learn about the world and themselves!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding, you are truly amazing and this transition wouldn’t work if your child and I didn’t have your support.



Ms. Jill Hoh

Transitioning Coordinator